Interactive Video Case Study: How to Reduce Cost and Increase Function

Want to know more about VA/VE?

This case study will define, explain, and educate more about what, why, and how of VA/VE. If you want to participate in the Case study, you will need the worksheet in the information below. For more about VA/VE, pick up Streamlining Function & Value and set up a convenient time to have a discussion about the topic.


To guide you through your organization’s journey, and to provide you with the tools to help you succeed. I have provided you with a list of worksheets to give you greater success during your VA/VE journey.

LinkedIn Presentation

If you saw my presentation on March 3, 2022, on LinkedIn, I am here to offer you my slide deck presentation. You will find it below.

Now that you have completed the case study, you are now ready to start implementing VA/VE into your organization but do not know how/what/where is the best way to start or have any other questions. I have opened up my calendar for such an occasion. Feel free to reserve your appointment at your convivence. And I look forward to our discussion.

Streamlining Function & Value

How to Reduce Cost and Deliver Exceptional Value

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